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The Music Market in Japan

  • Japan is the largest music market in the world with over 25% of world sales. (See chart below)
  • The population of just the Tokyo Area is 35 million. (Japan Total Pop: 127 million)
  • Japanese spend more money on music per person than anyone else in the world — almost 3 times more than Americans.
  • About 82% of all digital music sales in Japan are via internet downloads (smartphones, tablets and computers) while 18% are via traditional mobile phones (keitai).
  • About 53% of all music sales in Japan are digital while 47% are physical.
  • About 1 in every 4 CD albums sold in Japan is international.
  • There are fans in Japan for all genres of music—from Hawaiian, Bossa Nova, Folk, New Age, and Bluegrass to Metal, Punk, Alt Rock, HipHop, Dance, Reggae, and everything in between. Since the population of Japan is huge compared to most countries, even a small percentage of the population is a lot of people.

Global Share of Sales of Recorded Music

See more music industry statistics at the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) website and International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) website

Every year, Japanese spend over a billion dollars on music from foreign countries. If you are in the business of making and selling music, then Japan is your main market and should not be ignored.

The goal of this website is to provide resources to help indie bands/artists, managers and record labels sell and promote music in Japan. Please read the various sections and articles in this website to gain insight into doing business effectively in the Japanese music market. Then go to Top Music Japan to build a Japanese web+mobile site with direct sales to Japan.

Many indie bands and labels that understand the global music business rely on Japan as a source of fans and revenue. When you're making more fans and selling more music, being "Big in Japan" is a good thing!

Click here to see the bands from your country that are currently making it "Big in Japan".

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Promotion in Japan

Find a Japanese record label to release your music

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Links to Live Houses (Venues) in Japan

How to make it Big in Japan - Step by Step

Step 1Create a Japanese web and mobile site. It is the essential foundation for distribution, promotion and sales of your music in Japan. Click here to get a Japanese web and mobile site.
Step 2 Get distribution in Japan whether it be through a Japanese record label or a DIY (do-it-yourself) method. If your music is not available for sale in Japan, then it is pointless to do promotion and advertising in Japan. Click here to get distribution in Japan.
Step 3Promote your music in Japan. Doing live shows in Japan is a great form of music promotion. Of course, it is difficult and expensive to do shows all the time everywhere in the world. So publicity and advertising in print and online media are necessary to reach the millions of music consumers in Japan. Click here to get promotion in Japan.

Articles about The Music Market in Japan - How to Make it "Big in Japan"

1. Japanese Market Opportunity for Foreign Music - If you are in the business of selling music, do NOT forget Japan!
2. The Music Business in Japan
- Indie Music Culture and Record Companies in Japan
3. Playing Gigs in Japan - Promoting your music at Japanese "Live Houses" and other venues
4. How Much Does It Cost? - The activities and related costs of selling and promoting your music in Japan
5. Useful Tips On Visiting and Doing Business in Japan - Info and advice for visiting and doing business in Japan

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Everything you need to start selling and promoting your music in Japan

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