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If you already have a Japanese web+mobile site and some form of distribution in Japan, and are ready to market your music using any of the marketing methods described in this website, please complete and submit this form. If you need distribution in Japan, click here.

Due to the number of inquiries we receive, we may not be able to review your application immediately. We can only work on a few projects for select clients at any given time. Clients already registered at TopMusic.jp are given first priority. So even if you have great material we may not be able to respond or offer our services to you right away. Please understand.

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Google Adwords Ad Campaign - Google Japan and Partner Sites (Setup Fee: from $199; Min. Ad Budget from $1/day) more info
Facebook Japanese Ad Campaign (Setup Fee: from $99; Min. Ad Budget from $1/day) more info
Image ad in other Japanese website, blog or email newsletter (Min. Ad Budget from $750) more info
Print ad in Japanese magazine/free paper (Min. Ad Budget from $2,000) more info
Image ad in TopMusic.jp website (Min. Ad Budget from $25) more info

*Min. budgets shown are approximate and may reflect discounts. Costs may be higher depending on your genre, available ad space, ad/materials production costs, etc.

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A Japanese web page is required. If you don't have one yet you can make one at TopMusic.jp or we can make a custom one for you.

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Are you interested in shared promotion with other artists to reduce costs?
Sometimes we can organize "shared" ad space in popular Japanese media (print/online) where we can promote more than 1 artist (or release/show) at the same time. Instead of 1 artist paying for the whole ad, we can divide it into smaller costs per artist to make it more affordable. We can email you whenever there is an opportunity. No committment necessary.

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