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* With the global health crisis caused by COVID-19 restricting travel and touring, it is more important than ever to make sure you have a good online presence in Japan. You can do this easily, quickly and for free at TopMusic.jp

Japanese Web/Mobile Site

Once you start trying to sell music, you become a "business". Not many artists or record labels can afford to have a physical shop or office in Japan to conduct business, so your Japanese web/mobile site is essential in reaching the largest music market in the world.

Over 80% of all digital music sold in Japan is purchased from mobile phones. QR Codes help connect the millions of Japanese mobile users to your site.

Click here to get a Japanese website and Free Music Distribution in Japan

Give Japanese music consumers and industry people one convenient place where they can learn about you, listen to your music, watch your videos, buy your music, and follow you on their favorite devices in their own language. Click here to create a FREE Japanese web/mobile site and start selling your music and merch in Japan. (Use promocode "cow")

A Japanese web/mobile site (i.e. landing page) is required if you are doing any advertising/promotion in Japanese media including Google Japan and its vast network of Japanese publishers. Distributors, shops, concert promoters, social media influencers, and most importantly, your Japanese music fans, will appreciate it.

You can easily set up a FREE Japanese web/mobile site (with QR code) at TopMusic.jp. Click here for more info. Click on images below for samples or see TopMusic.jp.

Sample Japanese WebsiteSample Japanese WebsiteSample Japanese WebsiteSample Japanese Website Sample Japanese Website Sample Japanese Website Sample Japanese Website Sample Japanese Website Sample Japanese Website Sample Japanese WebsiteSample Japanese WebsiteSample Japanese Website

Click here for more samples

Click here to register a .JP domain name for your band (i.e. yourband.jp) to use with your Japanese web/mobile site.

About Mobile Sites, QR Codes and Music Promotion

In Japan, where mobile devices are used more often to discover, buy, download, and listen to music than computers, having a mobile site is the norm for indie and major label artists.

A sample QR Code. This one has our URL in it.

QR Codes are square barcodes (QR stands for Quick Response) which when scanned by a mobile phone camera can open your mobile site, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, or other URL. Many print ads, magazines, newspapers, websites, packaging, flyers, billboards, signs, business cards, t-shirts, posters, and even the sides of buses and buildings have a QR Code on them. To learn more about using QR Codes and to create your own QR Codes for free, visit QRickit.com. QR Codes (a.k.a. QRickits) are a great mobile marketing tool for bands!